MARAWI CITY — In celebration of the 5th Bangsamoro Foundation Day, various groups in Marawi came together to participate in a tree planting and growing activity held at Marawi Resort Hotel Inc. on January 25. The initiative was a collaborative effort among employees from the Ministry of Environment, Natural Resources, and Energy (MENRE), members of the IKHLAS Initiative, Marawi Resort Hotel Inc (MRHI), and participants from the ISISF work immersion program.

The event aimed to transform the surrounding areas of Marawi Resort Hotel Inc. into a flourishing eco-tourism site where nature and hospitality converge harmoniously. The collective goal was to plant trees and create a sustainable environment that would benefit both the community and visitors. The convergence of environmental preservation and tourism development aligns with the broader vision for a thriving, eco-conscious Bangsamoro.

During the activity, the participants did not just plant trees, but the event also served as a platform for knowledge exchange among them. Employees from MENRE shared their insights into the importance of native plant species and the delicate balance of ecosystems. On the other hand, IKHLAS Foundation members inspired others with stories of previous successful community initiatives.

The tree planting and growing activity is a seed sown for ongoing community engagement. The success of this initiative stands as a testament to what can be achieved when different sectors of the community unite for a common, green cause. Beyond the act of planting, the activity aims to foster unity, sustainability, and community growth. The transformation of the surrounding areas into an eco-tourism site is a living legacy of commitment to a brighter, greener future for Marawi and the entire Bangsamoro region.