COTABATO CITY — BARMM-MENRE heads the official launching of the World Environment Day and Philippine Environment Month today, June 11, 2019 and kicks off the celebration with a parade by BARMM Ministries inside the OCM Compound.

Bearing the theme “Beat Air Pollution”, the month-long celebration aims to foster constant efforts in ensuring better air quality and to encourage the public to contribute to the fight against air pollution.

Minister Abdulraof A. Macacua of BARMM-MENRE highlighted during the kickoff program that it is our responsibility to be a good Khalifa (steward) for the environment as it is a wealth and a blessing given by God.

“It is time for us to be responsible stewards and minimize our carbon footprint by ensuring the quality air that we breathe,” Macacua said.

On June 27, 2019, BARMM-MENRE will conduct a major coastal clean-up from Brgy. Badak to Brgy. Kusiong and will be enjoined by all BARMM agencies in support of the campaign against air pollution.

Minister Macacua asked the participants in his message, “Anong hangin ang hinihinga niyo ngayon? Malinis ba?”; and that question instilled a thought to ponder on for the Bangsamoro.

What contributions can we give to beat air pollution? “This choice is for all of us to reflect on,” Minister Macacua emphasized.