As the world celebrates #WorldHijabDay, the Ministry of Environment, Natural Resources, and Energy (MENRE) stands in solidarity with all the women around the world who choose to wear hijab amidst discrimination. All the female employees of MENRE wore their hijab today, February 1, to show their support and celebrate the power and dignity of every woman veiled in strength. Through this, MENRE aims to foster inclusivity and respect for diversity in the workplace.

World Hijab Day is observed every year on February 1 to honor Muslim women who wear the hijab. It is also a day to invite women of various origins and beliefs to try on the hijab and see what it is like to wear it. Muslim women maintain their modesty by wearing the hijab. Many also use them to safeguard themselves from harassment.

Today, join the world in amplifying their voices, dismantling bigotry, and celebrating diversity.

Join the movement this #WorldHijabDay.