COTABATO CITY (July 29, 2019) — Minister Abdulraof A. Macacua launches today the new official logo of BARMM-MENRE and highlights the Bangsamoro ideals in its seal.

The BARMM-MENRE seal represents the healthy, sustainable, progressive and reliable environment, natural resources and energy that the Ministry wants to leave for the Bangsamoro people as legacies.

Highlighting four colors, white, green, blue and yellow, the launched seal portrays the clear sky and clean air, the rich forests, the diverse marine ecosystems, and the region’s stable energy, respectively.

Macacua mentioned that the Ministry commits to its significant role as an agency that leads the protection and conservation of the Bangsamoro environment.

“The environment is for all of us to protect. It is our duty as the stewards of this gift from the Almighty,” BARMM-MENRE Minister said. The wholesome state of the environment, natural resources and energy redounds to the well-being of the Bangsamoro people and communities, the rightful beneficiaries of these resources.