MARAWI CITY — The Provincial Environment, Natural Resources and Energy (PENRE) Office in Lanao del Sur, BARMM forges partnership with the Bangsamoro Youth Commission (BYC) for the latter’s upcoming programs on peace and environmental protection.

Last 26 May 2021, PENREO Lanao del Sur, headed by PENRE Officer Asmarie M. Labao, and BYC Lanao del Sur Coordinator Namera Ambor organized a meeting to discuss concerns surrounding today’s youth and what the two offices can implement as possible interventions and mechanisms.

“Partnering with BYC, a frontline youth agency, to engage the Maranao youth in advocating and advancing environmental protection is going to be a realized dream” PENREO Officer Labao said.

“it is fulfilling to be working with young minds and molding them to embody the role of Al-Khalifa or the stewards of our environment and as Muslims being primary agents in our environmental quest,” he added.

Through the joint effort, the partnership will be able to provide 100 seedlings for tree adoption and tree planting activities. The PENREO Lanao del Sur will also deliver services of speakership on Environmental Protection and Leadership, and will form a monitoring team for the tree growing endeavors.

MENRE, through the PENREO-LDS, and BYC aim to foster the values of unity and peace among the youth and at the same time promote efforts on environmental conservation and protection being one of the mandates stipulated in the Republic Act 11054 or the Bangsamoro Organic Law.