Zamboanga City (July 3, 2019) — “Before the creation of any manmade laws and regulations on the proper utilisation of natural resources and environmental sustainability, [Islam] had already established a guiding light to promote sustainable development in countries around the world,” Dr. Norodin Salam said in his opening statement as he delivered the message of BARMM-MENRE Minister Abdulraof A. Macacua during the Orientation on the Status and Management of Protected Area in BARMM: The Turtle Islands Wildlife Sanctuary.

Leading the Interim Office on Energy of MENRE as the Interim Deputy Minister, Dr. Salam also gave a lecture about the BOL provisions on environment.

The activity highlighted the importance of our individual roles in taking care of our environment, especially the natural heritages and the protected areas we seek to provide sustainable conservation to.

“Environmental conservation is a religious duty as well as a social obligation, and not an optional matter,” Minister Macacua included in his message, tackling the first principle on environmental sustainability according to Islamic teachings: the concept of trusteeship.

“Being a khalifa (guardian), a man should take all necessary steps to ensure that the entrusted property is passed on to the next generation in as pure a form as possible,” Dr. Salam delivered.

BARMM-MENRE ascertains as well that the office will be an active companion in promoting and sustaining the protection of environment and its biodiversity not just in the Bangsamoro region but also in the entire country. The 4-day orientation program is currently being held at Marcian Garden Hotel in Zamboanga City which commenced yesterday, July 2 and concludes on July 5, 2019.