DAVAO CITY – The Mindanao Power Monitoring Committee (MPMC) Technical Working Group Meeting, which was attended by MENRE-BARMM Interim Office on Energy, convened on December 9, 2019 at Panorama Summit Hotel, Davao City, to discuss current issues in the power industry sector of Mindanao including the Bangsamoro region.

The MPMC, during the meeting, reviewed the challenges, efforts and accomplishments in Mindanao’s power sector. The committee also ensures that there will be stronger coordination among all stakeholders to ascertain long-term energy security in Mindanao.

Among the topics discussed were electrification projects funded by the European Union – Access to Sustainable Energy Programme (EU-ASEP), 2019 Mindanao Power Status by Department of Energy, Mindanao Wholesale Electricity Spot Market Status by IEMOP, Mindanao Transmission Development Plan by NGCP, Mindanao Rural Electrification Projects by DOE and NEA, and MinDA Power Development Program 2020 by Mindanao Development Authority.

The meeting focused on ensuring long-term security of energy supply in Mindanao including the Bangsamoro Region. MinDA Assistant Secretary Romeo Montenegro stressed the importance of solving the problems of the power sector in the Bangsamoro region. The chairman of the committee emphasized that areas in Bangsamoro should be prioritized in the future Electrification Programs so that the Mindanao Electrification targets could be achieved.

MPMC consists of MinDA as the Chair with member-agencies including Department of Energy (DOE), Energy Regulatory Comission (ERC), National Electrification Administration (NEA), National Power Corporation (NPC), Power Sector Assets and Liabilities Management Corporation (PSALM), Mindanao Electric Power Alliance (MEPA), and Association of Mindanao Rural Electric Cooperatives (AMRECO).

The MPMC, created under E.O. 81, s. 2012, is the coordinating body that monitors, harmonizes, and integrates recommendations on addressing issues and carrying out specific initiatives for the Mindanao power industry sector. MENRE-BARMM also became a permanent member of the MPMC after the recommendation of the committee chairman and acceptance of other committee members.