COTABATO CITY — The budget proposal of the BARMM Ministry of Environment, Natural Resources, and Energy (MENRE) for FY 2024 has just undergone a 2-day thorough deliberation by the Bangsamoro Transition Authority (BTA) Committee on Finance, Budget, and Management Subcommittee G on November 17-18.

In 2024, it would be the second year that the MENRE will implement its revamped banner programs derived from its sectoral services on forest management, environmental management, land management, mines and geosciences, biodiversity, ecosystems, research and development, and energy management and development. The budget for operations comprises the entire proposal, along with the would-be funds for general administration and support, and support to operations.

MENRE Minister Akmad A. Brahim shared in his opening message that “it is vital to note that moral governance and Al-Khalifa, or environmental stewardship, are inherently intertwined, forming the foundation of a sustainable Bangsamoro.”

“Anchored in Chief Minister Ahod Balawag Ebrahim’s promotion of moral governance, the funds the Ministry proposes are also strategically aligned with the urgent need to address challenges in our region related to the environment, natural resources, and energy,” the Minister added.

The programs being proposed aid in confronting ENRE-related concerns such as land conflict, pollution, deforestation, loss of biodiversity, development of mineral resources, and energy security.

The Subcommittee G is chaired by Deputy Floor Leader and Member of Parliament (MP) Atty. Raissa H. Jajurie and vice-chaired by MP Mohammad S. Yacob, with member Adzfar H. Usman. MPs Atty. Rasul Mitmug, Hatmil Hassan, Atty. Lanang Ali, and Tawakal Midtimbang also scrutinized the Ministry’s proposal.

For FY 2023, the MENRE has an approved budget amounting to 666.2 million pesos. For the coming fiscal year, the Ministry has just defended to the Subcommittee its 834.2 million-peso proposed fund, which has a 167 million-peso increase compared to 2023. This is to ensure that the MENRE will sustain its gains and accomplish even more milestones as it fulfills its mandate.

Accompanying Minister Brahim in full force during the budget defense were Bangsamoro Director General Atty. Badr E. Salendab, Director Al-Sharif M. Tamburani, Director Raphael L. Remo, Director Nasiri B. Abas, Director Eshan Karl Mabang, Chief Planning Officer Jessie S. Ondoy, Chief Accountant Jawhara K. Ali, CPA, Supervising Administrative Officer Bai Nor-aine S. Accoy, CPA, sectoral service representatives Chief Annie Dumamba, Chief Nasser Awal, Chief Amier Ashan Aplal, Chief Baharodin Baulo, Chief Mohaminah Abdullah, Chief Sobair Macabinta, Senior Forest Management Specialist Czarina Kunso, Land Management Officer Engr. Athena Daryl Camsa, Engr. Bolkiah Mamadsual, and other support staff from the Ministry’s sectoral services and Support-to-Operations Divisions.

Minister Brahim further emphasized the “profound impact our work at the MENRE has on the prosperity and sustainability of our region, as this budget is not just an expenditure but an investment in our shared future.”