DATU ABDULLAH SANGKI, Maguindanao — The Ministry of Environment, Natural Resources, and Energy (MENRE) – BARMM, through the Environment Management Services (EMS), conducted on 19 May 2021 a monitoring and inspection activity for the Delinanas Development Corporation, a subsidiary company of Fresh Del Monte Produce, in Datu Abdullah Sangki, Manguindanao to ensure their environmental compliance.

“In terms of following the rules and regulations stipulated in our environmental laws, I believe that Del Monte is an environmentally-compliant company,” EMS Director Jalani M. Pamlian said.

According to Chief Environmental Management Specialist Amier Ashan K. Aplal, two minor observations have been noted during the visit to the said company.

“The hazardous waste storage must be enhanced by making sure that these are properly segregated and labelled. In addition, there must be conduct of wastewater sampling at least once a year in order to ensure that the physical and chemical composition of wastewater are within the standards,” he said.

Moreover, Chief EMS Nasser Awal shared that one of the regular programs of Environment Management Services is to conduct activities such as the Adopt-an-Estero program.

“In collaboration with MENRE and different companies in BARMM, the signing of Memorandum of Agreement between the Ministry and concerned entities is a regular activity being administered by the EMS,” Awal noted.
Chief Awal also added that the Adopt-an-Estero program, the regulation of carbon emission, and the monitoring of wastewater discharge are among the programs and activities that the EMS aims to implement to address some of the effects of climate change.

Director Pamlian commended the Delinanas Development Corporation for being environmentally-compliant, noting that the Ministry and the company don’t have major issues to resolve in the coming months, thanks to their obedience to national environmental laws.
📸: Environment Management Services, BARMM-MENRE