LANAO DEL SUR – The Lake Lanao Watershed Areas have been visited by the Ministry of Environment, Natural Resources, and Energy (MENRE) – BARMM to conduct a biodiversity assessment of the sites’ endemic and indigenous trees, and wildlife habitat.

The Provincial and Community ENRE Offices of Lanao del Sur facilitated the 2-day assessment on 23-24 March 2021 and were joined by the Biodiversity Management Services (BMS) and Ecosystems Research and Development Services (ERDS) in the conduct of tree identification activities and inventory of endemic, indigenous, and exotic species within Mt. Runkunan and the Mindanao State University (MSU) – College of Forestry reforestation areas in Marawi City.

“Biodiversity and Research must work side by side to achieve sustainability and maintain the rich diversity of both flora and fauna in the Bangsamoro,” Forester Baharodin B. Baulo, Chief of BMS said.

“Research must be strengthened, and there must also be a transition from a traditional to a research-based approach on dealing with issues concerning our environment and natural resources,” Annie D. Dumamba, Chief of ERDS added.

PENRE Officer Asmarie M. Labao and CENRE Officers Asnawi A. Dataman and Benjamin D. Alangca also led the provincial office in the implementation of biodiversity assessment together with BMS and ERDS in Lake Dapao, Pualas, Lake Uya-an in Madamba and in Mindalano Hill.

Several coordination activities were also actualized with the academic institutions, particularly with Dean Mero of Dean of College of Forestry, MSU-Marawi City; Madamba Mayor Dagoroan A. Mindalano; and Butig Mayor Dimnatang Pansar.

The assessment ended with another site evaluation near Kampilan Falls and Sumpit in Butig. Geotagging mother trees was conducted to maximize the production of wildlings for reforestation, biodiversity sustainability, and creation of sustainable agroforestry eco-tourism, all while maintaining the lushness of flora and fauna in the areas.

📸: Biodiversity Management, and Ecosystems Research and Development Services, BARMM-MENRE