DATU PAGLAS, Maguindanao – A site inspection was conducted by the Ministry of Environment, Natural Resources, and Energy – BARMM on March 15, 2021 for the ongoing construction of a sanitary landfill in the municipality of Datu Paglas, Maguindanao to ensure that it is designed according to guidelines and requirements stipulated in the Ecological Solid Waste Management Act of 2000 or the Republic Act 9003.

Amid the inspection, the technical personnel of the Environment Management Services (EMS) of MENRE observed that the construction of the concerned sanitary landfill, with a size of 750 sq.m., is proximate to a water body area, which is against what is stated under Section 40 (e) of RA 9003:

“The site must be located in an area where the landfill’s operation will not detrimentally affect environmentally sensitive resources such as aquifer, groundwater reservoir or watershed area.”
EMS Director Jalani M. Pamlian said, “There must be engineering mitigation in the construction of a sanitary landfill so as not to affect the water surrounding the area. We must apply preventive measures to avoid damaging our environmental resources, including the water bodies.”

Engr. Amier Ashan K. Aplal, Chief Environmental Management Specialist, further reiterated that the water bodies, such as creeks, must be 300 meters away from a sanitary landfill to safeguard the water from being contaminated.
”The Local Government Units must coordinate with the Mines and Geoscience Services of MENRE to assist them in the construction of their sanitary landfills,” Aplal said, noting that MENRE can evaluate the areas for possible presence of geologic hazards, unstable soils, and foundation stability.

“There must be an application of protection to landslide for sanitary landfills in the sloppy areas,” Aplal added.
Municipal Engineer of Datu Paglas, Engr. Nemia Nando, together with other municipality officials, expressed their gratitude to the BARMM environmental agency for the recommendations the Ministry offered to develop their sanitary landfill, and commits to follow and implement rules and regulations that could improve the solid waste management situation in the region.