COTABATO CITY—The Ministry of Environment, Natural Resource, and Energy (MENRE) joins the nation in carrying the theme “Transforming Public Service in the Next Decade: Honing Agile and Future-Ready Servant-Heroes” in support of the celebration of the 121st Philippine Civil Service Anniversary this September.

The 10-year overarching message, as stated by the Civil Service Commission, aims to bear the theme throughout this decade in recognition of our civil service’s journey towards development, reinvention and modernization, especially amid today’s COVID-19 crisis. The Human Resource of every government institution takes a particular, significant role in ensuring that the employees, in this new normal era, remains empowered, motivated, and accomplished.

“I’d like to commend all the government employees, especially the officials of the MENRE, in serving the public with enthusiasm, commitment, and dedication to help uplift each other’s lives, especially now that we are still experiencing a national public health crisis,” BARMM Senior Minister and MENRE Minister Abdulraof A. Macacua said.

“Nevertheless, we remain steadfast in our continued implementation of good and moral governance that is felt by the Bangsamoro people,” he added.

The celebration of the Philippine Civil Service Month will highlight four sets of activities: 1) Tribute to government workers; 2) Skills, learning and development events; 3) Tribute to clients and the communities; and 4) Recognition of the valuable contributions of civil servants and frontliners.

The MENRE, in particular, continues in providing ENRE-related services to the public that it serves to ensure that the communities receive rightful assistance to help protect and sustain their environmental rights. The Ministry performs its mandate religiously, all while maintaining health measures for the safety of the Ministry’s officials and employees.