D.O.S., MAGUINDANAO (June 27, 2019) — The Ministry of Environment, Natural Resources and Energy of BARMM leads the region in the conduct of coastal clean-up drive in Brgy. Badak and Kusiong, D.O.S., Maguindanao today, June 27, 2019.

The Environment Month activity of the ENRE office was joined by MAFAR, MSS, MLG, MFB, MTIT, BPI, LTO, Darul Ifta, MTIT, MST, and RPDO among many other participating agencies.

Bearing the theme: “Beat Air Pollution,” this year’s Environment Month celebration also focuses on all forms of cleanliness: in the air that we breathe, in the water that we drink, and in the environment that we live in.

MENRE Minister Abdulraof A. Macacua mentioned in his environmental message that cleanliness is a fundamental concept in Islam and should be internalized into our everyday actions.

“Starting from your heart, to your prayers, in our homes, and even in governance, cleanliness should always be practiced,” Macacua said.

“We can achieve overall cleanliness when we instill sincerity in our actions and act in the name of Allah SWT,” he added.

Before the Environment Month comes to an end, Deputy Minister of Energy Dr. Norodin Salam wants to inform the public that we need to inculcate unity, spirituality and sustainability in our daily activities to continue our efforts in protecting our environment.

Collective actions are encouraged from all the Bangsamoro people to create a sustainable effort in the campaign towards environmental conservation. Annually, World Environment Day is celebrated every 5th of June. The Philippine Environment Month also commences in the said month.