ALL FOR SUSTAINABLE ENERGY SOLUTIONS—The International Organization for Migration’s (IOM) support for energy development in the Bangsamoro region remains significant as it turns over on 16 September 2021 Geographic Information System (GIS) equipment donation to the Ministry of Environment, Natural Resources, and Energy (MENRE) – BARMM to aid the Bangsamoro Government in its quest for potential energy sources.

MENRE Deputy Minister Akmad A. Brahim delivered Senior Minister and concurrent MENRE Minister Abdulraof A. Macacua’s utmost gratitude to the IOM for its unrelenting support to the mandate and vision of the Environment Ministry.

“In exploring and managing energy sources in the Bangsamoro, we will not only bring light to the households in both urban and remote areas in the region, but we will also be able to provide livelihood opportunities to communities as we develop and harness these potential sources of energy,” Deputy Minister Brahim stressed.

IOM, through IOM Philippines Chief of Mission Kristin Dadey, handed over one (1) high-end laptop for GIS use, one (1) drone for exploration and documentation, four (4) map digitizers for processing of documented maps, one (1) laser printer, and one (1) Arc GIS Perpetual License.

Joining Deputy Minister Brahim in receiving the equipment were the personnel of MENRE-Energy Management and Development Services headed by Director Nasiri B. Abas.

Director Abas said that “the use of renewable energy is a must,” adding the importance of exploring renewable energy sources and finding energy solutions for the BARMM, all while the Bangsamoro Government transitions.

With the IOM assisting in the search for practical solutions to migration problems, Kristin Dadey shared that “energy is critical to the development in the Bangsamoro, so we hope that by helping the government with sustainable energy solutions, then people will not be forced to move to look for jobs, that there will be more job opportunities in the Bangsamoro.

”Chief Energy Regulations Officer Engr. Al-Montazer Mandong, Engr. Shariff Pagayao, and Engr. Al-Jeraisy Dimaren were also present during the donation acceptance between the MENRE and IOM.

In October 2021, IOM will facilitate another training for the advanced application of GIS and basic drone deployment how-tos for the officials and employees of MENRE, particularly those involved with the exploration, documentation, and interpretation of gathered data on energy development in the Bangsamoro.