COTABATO CITY — After the recently concluded election day last 9 May 2022, an “Oplan Baklas” was organized by the Ministry of Environment, Natural Resources, and Energy (MENRE) – BARMM and its Provincial Office in Maguindanao on 12 May to remove political posters and campaign materials that were put up in Cotabato City during the 3-month long campaign period.

MENRE Minister Akmad A. Brahim, who led the Oplan Baklas, encourages and reminds the candidates and political parties to remove the tarpaulins, posters, and other campaign materials that were put up for the election campaign to avoid visual clutter in the public areas and communities.

Bangsamoro Director General Atty. Badr E. Salendab, Provincial ENRE Officer Lauban S. Abdul, Community ENRE Officers Noroden S. Abdullah and Datumama K. Makartur also joined and assisted the Minister in accomplishing the Oplan Baklas campaign.

Clean-up of election materials on the streets should be one of the priorities of the candidates and campaign volunteers after the election polls. It must also be ensured that the disposal of these campaign materials are in line with environmental laws and must not be involved in illegal dumping, open burning, and littering.

If not disposed, barangay and material recovery facilities of Local Government Units, if any, should be utilized to collect and restore reusable materials.

The MENRE appeals to all candidates and concerned parties to also put first our care for our environment by collecting their respective publicity materials to prevent them from being dumped in appropriate areas, especially near and to the oceans.