MALABANG, Lanao del Sur – An Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) Public Scoping was conducted on March 1, 2021 for the proposed Government Seabed Quarry Project to be located at the offshore of Municipalities of Balabagan and Malabang, Lanao del Sur.

The Ministry of Environment, Natural Resources and Energy – BARMM, through the Environment Management Services (EMS), attended the program which aims to inform the public on the potential impact and economic benefits of the proposed project in the aforementioned areas.

The activity also encourages public participation in the EIS development process and addresses issues and concerns arising from the project.

“The seabed quarry project intends to dredge out sediments like sand and gravel in order to allow ships and longer vessels to easily access and navigate safely,” Engr. Reynaldo D. Duque, EIA Preparer explained.

“Prior to project implementation, an ECC will be required first to ensure environmental compliance on the part of the proponents,” MENRE Chief Environmental Management Specialist Engr. Nasser M. Awal added.

“We will ensure that a step-by-step process will be followed as we don’t allow a shortcut towards economic development at the expense of the environment,” EMS Director Jalani M. Pamlian said.

The program was led by the Balabagan Mayor Edna V. Ongka-Benito, DMD and Malabang Mayor Mohammad Yahya Macapodi; and participated by different stakeholders, and technical officers from MENRE EMS, Director Jalani M. Pamlian, Engr. Nasser M. Awal, Engr. Sindatu B. Dimaraw, Forester Diyanarah B. Baulo, and CENRE Officer Forester Benjamin D. Alangca.