COTABATO CITY — Downstream oil and gas industry players in Cotabato City and Maguindanao consult with the MENRE-Energy Management and Development Services (EMDS) and the Department of Energy – Mindanao Field Office (DOE-MFO) on the rules and regulations governing the business of retailing liquid fuels through an ‘Energy Consultation’ activity held on 30 September 2021.

The EMDS invited the management team of various gas stations in Cotabato City and Maguindanao to orient them on the salient features of the law on retailing liquid fuels as stated in DOE Department Circular No. DC-2017-11-0011, which the EMDS adopted through BARMM-MENRE Memorandum Circular No. 2: Rules and Regulations Governing the Business of Retailing Liquid Fuels.

“It is imperative that as players of the downstream oil and gas industry, we have to know the existing rules and regulations governing our activities for our compliance with the laws and for the benefit of our environment,” MENRE Deputy Minister Akmad Brahim said.

“Because of the BOL, we are given the power and authority to explore and manage our potential energy sources. Through this activity, you, our stakeholders, will be aware of the power that has been granted to us for our energy management and development,” EMDS Director Nasiri Abas said.

One participant raised an issue about the public still patronizing “bote-bote” gasoline/diesel, which the DOE warned of the dangers these “bote-bote” businesses may cause to lives and properties.

The EMDS strongly encourages patronizing or buying from authorized and official gas stations only, instead of patronizing illegal liquid fuel peddlers, as this activity also does not ascertain the public of “proper fuel quality and right quantity.” The MENRE, in collaboration with the Local Government Units and other stakeholders, will strengthen the implementation and enforcement of retailing liquid fuels laws.

Guest speakers from DOE-MFO, Engr. Theodric R. Alingalan and Atty. Kahlil Paulo O. Elbanbuena, shared the highlights under the existing laws related to the liquid fuels industry and penalties against prohibited acts involving petroleum and petroleum products.

Last 27 August 2021, Cotabato Shell Service Station and El Depot Gas Station received their respective Certificate of Compliance for having complied with DOE DC No. DC-2017-11-0011. The EMDS urges all players in the downstream oil and gas industry to fulfill their obligations to the law and contribute to the proper development and growth of the industry in the Bangsamoro region.