COTABATO CITY — Technical reviews of the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the proposed Government Seabed Quarry Projects (GSQP) at the offshores located in the provinces of Lanao del Sur, and for a mining project in Sulu were conducted last March 18 and 22, 2021, respectively.

The offshores concerned are in the Municipalities of Balabagan and Malabang in Lanao del Sur. In Sulu, the technical review was organized for the nickel-iron mining project of Lugus H and M Mining Corporation at Lugus.

The EIS under the Presidential Decree 1586 is a government document that outlines the impact of a proposed project on its surrounding environment in pursuit of a comprehensive and integrated environmental protection program.

The main objective of the law is to maintain the balance between the protection of the environment and socio-economic development in the country.

The Director of MENRE Environment Management Services (EMS), Dir. Jalani M. Pamlian, Provincial ENRE Officer of Sulu Pao N. Dambong, and Community ENRE Officer of Lanao del Sur Benjamin D. Alangca assisted with the review of the proposed projects’ EIS.

“We must ensure that these programs and undertakings will adhere to environmental laws and regulations for the future generations to be able to utilize the blessings of Allah SWT and benefit from them,” Director Pamlian said.

“Environmental protection is our main concern. We must assure the implementation of responsible mining to avoid the destruction of our natural resources. The [GSQP] project will be vital for the progress and development of Sulu and it will help sustain the economy of the Municipality of Lugus,” PENREO Dambong added.

The Ministry of Environment, Natural Resources, and Energy – BARMM will have the EIS of the proposed projects be made available for the public as part of the agency’s adherence to moral governance. The public can send their questions regarding the matter to MENRE-EMS through their email at [email protected]